About Evans Workout

My name is Evans Tang and I am 28 years old.

I have been working out for about 10 years. I was absolutely clueless when I first started, and my workout routine consisted mainly of push-ups and bicep curls with a pair of old, rusty dumbbells (not the best workout routine!). However, over the last decade, I have gone through countless books, research papers, and online resources on fitness, diet, and working out. Lots of these information weren’t accurate or helpful, and I had to meticulously and painfully distill the useful bits. I have taken everything I learned and put it into this site. Therefore, this website contains the essence of my 10 years of fitness research and experience, and I am absolutely proud of it.

After a decade of working out, I have grown to realize that working out is easy. Once you start working out, it becomes a lifestyle, it becomes a routine, it becomes a hobby, it becomes easy, it becomes part of who you are. And this lifestyle will benefit you in the long term, both physically and spiritually.

I want to share this vision with the world, and therefore I created this website to share my workout knowledge. I hope you will enjoy this site as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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